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Swiss Made – The Untold Story Behind Switzerland’s Success

Vaulted to Best Seller (April 2011)

BBC Interview

(April 2011)

James Breiding debates merits of women representation on Boards

Shiksha Sankalp

(February 2011)

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Book - 'Swiss Made – The Untold Story Behind Switzerland’s Success'

(December, 2010)

Please Click: NZZ publishes Preview of 'The Swiss Economic Wonder' (Wirtschaftswunderschweiz)


(December, 2010)

Rupert Pennant Rea, The Chairman of The Economist Group, agrees to join the board of Naissance 'Gaia', a limited liability company planned to be launched to invest in likely takeover targets producing industrial metals China and India need, but do not have.

(October 2010)


Xstrata and Naissance collaborate to identify portfolio of likely takeover targets producing industrial metals China and India need, but do not have

(March 2008)


Naissance and EFG Financial Products collaborate to launch 'Naissance Resource Takeover Tracker Certificate'

(July 2008)

Women Leadership Fund

(December, 2010)

Naissance and the World Bank's - IFC collaborate to validate that companies that chose employees based on meritocracy achieve better shareholder performance (July 2010)


New York Times reports on launch of 'Women Leadership Fund'

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Naissance hosts gathering of influential women during Clinton Global Initiative


Cherie Blair, Tony Blair's spouse, and two former Prime Ministers join Board of 'Women Leadership Fund'

Fund Plans to Invest in Companies With Women as Directors

(October 2009)

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CNBC-Interview of James Breiding on Markets

(February, 2009)


James Breiding, Managing Director of Naissance Capital and Avenarius are interviewed by CNBC TV-18 on their view of markets.

- Read the interview.

- Watch the acompanying video.

DP Payoff Magazine - Derivative Partners

(November 2008)

 dp payoff magazine comments on Naissance "Ressource Takeover" Tracker

- Read article (page 20)

Dr. Markus Christen in "ECO - Das Wirtschaftsmagazin"

(October, 2008)


Dr. Markus Christen of Naissance Capital comments on Swiss National Television on our research findings with the ETH on why the Financial System is more vulnerable. 

- To watch the video click here. Look for the broadcast from 20.10.2008 and the contribution with the name "Nationalbank rettet UBS"

Is the Financial System still robust?

(March, 2008)


James Breiding and Dr. Markus Christen co-author this article explaining research findings with the ETH on why the Financial System is more vulnerable.

- Read the article

Collaboration with Swiss Banking Institute

 (February, 2008)

Naissance collaborates with the Swiss Banking Institute, concerning the extent and consistency of 'alpha' realisable through Corporate Activism

- Download Description (28.0 KB)

CNBC Interview of J. Breiding concerning outlook of Indian stock market - Hindustan Times Conference

(October, 2007)

James Breiding is interviewed by CNBC during the Hindustan Times Conference in Dehli; following meetings with leading dignataries including Sonia Ghandi, Prime Minister Singh, India's finance minister Palaniappan Chidambaram, Sunil Mittal and Imran Khan, the opposition leader of Pakistan

- Download Movie (64.0 MB, 6:19 minutes)

Naissance recognised for Investment Results in Asia

 (October, 2007) 

 Naissance Capital, the Swiss investment boutique, is distinguished by Asia Hedge for its "Beagle" performance results in Asia 

 - Download the Article (PDF 537, KB)

Naissance Beagle hedge fund profits from the credit crisis

(September 24, 2007)

Article published on eFinancial News describing Naissance's ability to navigate its way through the credit crisis and make money for its investors. 

 - Download the Article (PDF 40, KB)

Naissance's Views on Stock Market Development

(August 10, 2007)

Article published by CNBC describing Naissance's views on stock market development in the wake of the Sub-prime credit crisis. 

 - Download the Article (PDF 190, KB)

Naissance Launches "Evolutionary Investment" Beagle Fund

(July 3, 2007)

Naissance Capital, the Swiss investment boutique, has launched the Naissance Beagle Fund, which captures big emerging themes in the rapidly evolving global investment market. 

 - Download the Press Release (PDF 70, KB)

India Comes to Zurich

(January 24, 2007)

Naissance organised a half-day conference on India, held at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Zurich, and is proud to have attracted some of India's leading entrepreneurs.

- Download the Conference Package (PDF, 3MB)

Verpassen Pensionskassen gute Anlagechancen?

(January 17, 2006)

Article authored by Naissance is published in 'Finanz + Wirtschaft', a leading Swiss financial newspaper, describing considerably discrepancy in propensity to invest in emerging markets between Swiss industry and Swiss pension funds 

- Download Article (PDF, in German, 900 KB)

The Emperor Needs New Clothes

 (December 29, 2006)

Neue Z

Is it Different This Time?

(November 24, 2006)

Interview CNBC India
  James Breiding, Managing Director of Naissance Capital, interviewed as guest by CNBC.
  - Download Movie (22 MB, 7:56 minutes)

Presentation to Swiss Social Security Fund (AHV)

Download presentation (PDF, 450 KB)

Dr Marcus Christen strengthens Naissance's Research Abilities

(April 4, 2006)

Dr Marcus Christen, a Swiss national, studied philosophy at the University of Bern and was awarded his PHD at the ETH in Zurich in Neurophysics. He has for many years contributed as a journalist on scientific matters, especially for the Neue Z

'On a Wing + A Prayer'

(March 12, 2006)

Naissance describes why it believes the risks of the 'bird flu' pandemic are likely to be exaggerated. 

 - Download Newsletter

Swiss Re Supports Naissance launch of Jaipur Fund for India

(August 15, 2005)

Swiss Re has committed funds equivalent to 20% of net assests in the Naissance Jaipur Fund. Swiss Re has committed, to a defined and limited extent, to maintain this level of investment as the fund develops.

Naissance Capital launches Jaipur Fund for India

(June 20, 2005)

Naissance Capital, the Swiss investment boutique, announced today that it has launched the Naissance Jaipur Fund. The fund invests in publicly listed health companies located in India offering exceptional prospects for capital appreciation. Naissance entered into an agreement and collaborated with Tata Asset Management, a subsidiary of Tata + Sons with regard to its evaluation and formation.

Interview CNBC Europe

 (May, 2005)

James Breiding, Managing Director of Naissance Capital, invited as guest by CNBC. 

 - Download Movie (79 MB, 8:24 minutes)

Dr Marc Faber has joined the Board of Directors of Naissance Jaipur

(April 4. 2005)

Dr Marc Faber, a Swiss national, has joined the Board of Directors of Naissance Jaipur. Naissance

Naissance is Learning Hebrew

(March 1, 2005)

Naissance is pleased to announce our new collaboration with IBI, a prominent investment bank based in Tel Aviv. IBI will act as Naissance

Interview CNBC Europe

(November 24, 2004)

James Breiding, Managing Director of Naissance Capital, invited as guest by CNBC, expresses his views on investment opportunities. 

 - Download Movie (75 MB, 8:07 minutes)

Naissance Capital launches global Health Care Fund

(June 21, 2004)

Naissance Capital, the Swiss investment boutique, announced today that it has launched the Naissance global Health Care Fund. The fund invests globally in publicly listed health care companies that are believed to be attractively valued and offer exceptional prospects for capital appreciation. The fund invests in, and thereby encourages, companies striving to improve the access and affordability of existing medicines.

- Download Press release

Naissance Capital remains bullish about Indian market

(June 10, 2004)

James Breiding, Managing Director of Swiss investment boutique Naissance Capital, said today that he remained bullish about the future economic development of India. The slump in the Indian stock market (minus 16% YTD) did not mark the end of

Verkaufen, wenn der Hype beginnt

(April 22, 2004)

Wirtschaftswoche, a leading German business periodical, publishes interview with R .James Breiding describing Naissance

Naissance sells when the hype starts

(March 29, 2004) 

The Swiss national business magazine,

Hans-Willem Baron van Tuyll joins India Gateway fund advisory board

(March 26, 2004)

Naissance Capital is pleased to report that Hans-Willem joins the company as a member of the India Gateway Fund advisory board.


James Breiding selected to speak at GAIM conference

(March 12, 2004)

James Breiding, Managing Director of Naissance Capital, has been selected to speak about India at GAIM

Dr. Oswald Sellemond joins Naissance Healthcare Fund

(February 25, 2004)

The former CEO of Novartis generics division agreed to join the board of Naissance Health Care Fund . Dr Sellemond oversaw Novartis (Sandoz) successful development of its generic pharmaceutical business into a world market leader.

Rudolf Albert Koechlin-Hoffmann (1859-1927)

(November 2003)

The Albert Koechlin Foundation has agreed to support the formation of Naissance Health Care, an investment vehicle designed for offshore investors. The fund utilises the same investment approach followed by Naissance

Jerry Treppel strengthens research capability of Naissance Healtcare Fund

(October 23, 2003)

Jerry Treppel has agreed to join Naissance Capital to strengthen the Generics research capability.


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